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Underwriting Products

We offer a diverse range of products tailored to meet the specific needs of insurance companies, automotive dealerships, repair shops, and consumers. Explore our comprehensive suite of solutions designed to revolutionize underwriting, claims management, and consumer transactions in the automotive industry.


Vehicle Specifications revolutionizes the way insurers access vehicle specifications. By simply inputting a VIN/Chassis Number details, users can retrieve extensive data, including make, model, engine size, fuel type, and much more.


Vehicle Valuation complements the search service by providing accurate local market valuations for vehicles, crucial for policy pricing and claims settlements.

Import Status

Our Vehicle Imported Status (VIS) revolutionizes the vehicle insurance process by providing an instant lookup tool to ascertain a vehicle's import status with just a VIN/Chassis Number.

Vehicle Report

eData's Imported Vehicle Report (IVR) redefines the landscape for assessing imported vehicles by offering a comprehensive report generated from a simple VIN/Chassis Number input.

Management Filter

The UMF streamlines the underwriting process, providing insurers with a powerful tool to assess policy applications with unprecedented speed and precision.


In today's digital-first world, the demand for speed, simplicity, and efficiency in every interaction has never been higher. eData introduces 1-Click Insurance, a groundbreaking widget developed to meet and exceed these expectations in the realm of insurance policy acquisition.

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