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"AI won't steal your business, but your competitor using AI will."

Leading in vehicle and claims data in the MENA


eData's vision is to lead the data solutions landscape across diverse industries in the Middle East and beyond. Through innovative technologies and unwavering commitment, we aim to revolutionize decision-making, enhance transparency, and drive profitability for all stakeholders.

Since 2008, the management team behind eData was the first in The Middle East to provide Data and Intelligent tools to enable Industries use their data in its full potential.


"Discover our tailored solutions for insurance companies, dealerships, repair shops, and consumers, revolutionizing underwriting, claims, and transactions in all related sectors."

Underwriting Products

Comprehensive Vehicle Data Solutions

Our underwriting products provide insurance companies with essential vehicle data, including specifications, pricing, historical accident records, VIN decoding, and API integrations. With access to our vehicle inspection app and detailed vehicle reports, insurers can make informed decisions during the underwriting process. Our import records feature further enhances data accuracy, ensuring insurers have the information they need to assess risk accurately and set appropriate premiums.

Claims Products

Advanced Claims Management Solutions

Used in 17 countries worldwide, by major Insurance companies, our claims products streamlining claims management processes with innovative features such as claims management filters, integral financial modeling, data analysis tools, AI document scanning, and damage assessment with AI. By leveraging our solutions, insurance companies can expedite claim processing, minimize fraudulent activities, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our AI-driven tools enable quick and accurate damage assessments, leading to faster resolution and reduced claim costs.

Consumer Products

CarReport - Trusted Vehicle Information Platform

CarReport is the market leader consumer and dealer-facing product designed to provide individuals with comprehensive vehicle information for buying or selling cars. With CarReport, consumers and dealers can access vehicle value, history, and specifications, empowering them to make informed decisions and negotiate with confidence. Whether you're in the market for a new vehicle or selling, CarReport provides the transparency and trust you need for a smooth and hassle-free transaction.
Dealers using CarReport are benefiting by gaining trust and offer transparency.

WHY eData

The best (AI) data and latest technology

We start all our client relationships by getting to know the business we’re helping. Once we have a full understanding of your business’s goals and strategic requirements, we’ll create a bespoke solution that helps you to make decisions with confidence.

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Our Industry Partners

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