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"AI won't steal your business, but
your competitor using AI will."

Leading in vehicle and claims data in the MENA

Our Products

Underwriting Products

Comprehensive Vehicle Data Solutions

Our underwriting products provide insurance companies with essential vehicle data, including specifications, pricing, historical accident records, VIN decoding, and API integrations.


Advanced Claims Management Solutions

Used in 17 countries worldwide, by major Insurance companies, our claims products streamlining claims management processes with innovative features such as claims management filters, integral financial modeling, data analysis tools, AI document scanning, and damage assesment with AI.


Comprehensive Vehicle Data Solutions

CarReport offers an indispensable service for consumers and businesses across the GCC and Egypt, aiming to make used car transactions transparent and secure.

Our Vision

eData's vision is to lead the data solutions landscape across diverse industries in the Middle East and beyond. Through innovative technologies and unwavering commitment, we aim to revolutionize decision-making, enhance transparency, and drive profitability for all stakeholders.

Since 2008, the management team behind eData was the first in The Middle East to provide Data and intelligent tools to enable industries use their data in its full potential.


The best (AI) data and latest technology

We start all our client relationships by getting to know the business we're helping. Once we have a full understanding of your business's goals and strategic requirements, we'll create a bespoke solution that helps you to make decisions with confidence.

Decrease loss ratio,

Over 50 international insurers in more than 15 countries using this tool with great results.

We guarantee your loss ratio decrease by 

2 - 6%

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