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eData transforms car dealership operations with our CarReport, AI Photo & Video Analysis and One-Click Insurance solutions, designed to offer a seamless, digital-first customer experience. Instantly access detailed vehicle specifications, automate damage assessments for trade-ins, and provide immediate insurance quotes, all facilitating a smooth and transparent sales process. With eData, dealers can not only increase sales efficiency but also build lasting customer relationships through trust and innovation, distinguishing your dealership in a crowded market.


Enhanced Sales Experience:

Instant access to vehicle specifications and insurance options improves the customer buying journey.

Increased Trade-in Accuracy:

Automated damage assessments ensure fair and transparent trade-in valuations.

Immediate Insurance Offerings:

Providing instant insurance quotes increases deal closure rates and customer convenience.

Operational Efficiencies:

Streamlining the sales and trade-in process saves time and resources, allowing staff to focus on customer service.

Competitive Edge:

Offering a technologically advanced buying experience sets dealerships apart from competitors, attracting tech-savvy buyers.

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